Rabu, 21 Agustus 2019

Get to know me closer

Hi Dear, Assalamu'alaikum Long time no see, yass? I had been taking some time off blogging. Now I’m back! Well rested, more inspired, right? Well, to welcoming (late) August, as a warmer, here I reveal some facts about myself. So, you can get to know me a little bit better. Here we go.

I was boyish. I have lots of friends who are boys. When I was younger, I don't like to hang around my female friends, cause they used to talk about love while I love to talk about music and football. Inter Milan and Chelsea are my fave team.

Even though I was boyish, I love to watch Barbie. Deep inside my heart, I wonder to live like a princess who dressed well, have a good meal, kind-hearted, singing, and dancing all the time. I wanna be a pleasant person as well.

I was joining a choir in high school, but I don't think I have a mellifluous voice. It just because I'm a professional bathroom singer. That's all.

I was a fangirl of L'Arc~en~ciel. One of the best bands in Japan, ever. I love all their songs especially Link, Anata, 4th Avenue Cafe (ost. Rouruni Kenshin), members (especially Hyde -Vocalist), maybe that is the reason why I'm a bit obsessed to live in Japan.

doc. pribadi - koleksi tiket nonton L'Arc~en~ciel
A good listener and best story keeper! You can share anything, your story saves with me.

Books always take my attention, I love them, yet I'm not a good reader. I used to buy some books, but I don't read it as fast as I want to have it. I  have unfinished books I bought in 2010. Reading in a very good mood while having a cup of cappuccino is the thing I really want to do now.

doc. pribadi - jaman masih sibuk ngejar skripsi
My fave color is black. Black is elegant, classy, and mysterious. I also like white, blue, brown, peach and a little bit pink. 

I found myself as a shy person, but people see me as an attractive and sociable person. Then, how'd you thought of me?

old photo, jaman masih gadis dan langsing. hehe
I love to live in a crowd with lots of people, yet, I enjoyed myself alone. Sometime, I wanna stand out. Hmm, how complicated am I?

Recently, I learned about minimalism and healthy lifestyles. I found minimalism relate to me, cause I love simplicity. Talk about minimalism, it turns me to be healthy too. I don't know why it is dramatically affecting my lifestyle.

I love 11, that is why these facts end on number 11. It isn't because I believe in astrology nor lucky number. 11 is my birthdate anyway. I just believe in Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW. 


Now you kind of know me a bit closer, yeay! Well, I'll see you in the upcoming post. Pssst, I'll make the other collab posts with BHB. Stay tuned ya, dear.

With love,

14 komentar:

  1. seneng banget bacanya bisa lebih mengenal teteh ada beberapa juga yang samaan kita hehe

    1. Salam kenal shayyy.. Akupun akhirnya merasa kita sama setelah baca posting collab BHB.. Hihihi *Tossss

  2. yeee salam kenal teteh ^^ . aku juga baru nulis lagi niih setelah sekian lama engga nulis ehehhee

    1. Salam kenal juga shayy~
      Hayuu ah kita rajin-rajin lagi nulis.. Hehehe

  3. Waaaa, team hitam ternyata yaa kita, sama team boyish juga sebenernya aku tuu walopun seorang beauty blogger pada kenyataannya ya gini aku tuh hahaha..

  4. Aah poin ke-1 itu aku banget juga Teh dari zaman SMA sahabat aku hampir cowo semua dan cewe cuma beberapa soalnya aku seneng kalo bahas film-film Avengers sama mereka ketimbang curhat tentang cinta-cintaan hehe

    1. Hihihi, benerrrr... Karena bahas hobi jauh lebih menyenangkan dibanding cinta-cintaan wkwkwk~

  5. Salam kenal juga ya say, sama kok aku juga bakalan mood kalau ditemenin sama secangkir kopi hehe

    1. Salam kenal juga shaay.. Best partner emang itu si pahit nikmat, cocok dalam segala swasanaah

  6. Wah, banyak kesamaan nih kita. Sama-sama suka hitam, suka keramaian tapinya dengan enjoy menikmati sendiri, tomboy juga, suka baca buku juga, minimalis juga. 😁

  7. Wah ga nyangka ternyata teh Ruly tomboy toh.
    Ga apa2 teh pemalu asal jgn malu2in. Tapi menurut aku teteh ga pemalu kok.

    Asiik ikut collab bareng BHB, aku yg ini ga ikut, soalnya lg paciweuh sama kerjaan �� takut ga keburu

    1. Hehe, dulu emang toboy banget aku >.< Tp alhamdulillah udah insyaf.
      Pemalu yang kadang malah malu-maluin akutuh. Hahaha

      Semoga next collab bisa ikutan ya teh, biar makin seru rumpinya, uwuu~


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